Mosta and Naxxar

Woven into each other, Mosta and Naxxar are both rich in historical, archaeological and cultural hotspots.

Absolutely bursting with interesting sights to see, Mosta and Naxxar draw many visitors throughout the year. Windmills, fortifications, farmhouses, valleys and catacombs are only some of the many sights on offer.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Mosta is the immense parish church of St Mary’s which is dominated by the enormous dome known as Mosta Rotunda. In WWII, this dome was pierced by a German bomb which clattered to the floor, yet miraculously didn’t explode. Always believed to be part of a miracle, this 200kg bomb is located in a small museum in the town.

Dotted with little shops and cafes, Naxxar is home to the lavish Palazzo Parisio, an opulent mansion which overlooks the village’s main square. This exquisite Maltese and Italian craftsmanship has withstood the test of time and is open for public visits.

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