A short boat trip away from Malta lies the island of Comino – a nature lover’s paradise and diving hotspot. Comino is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Malta's towns and its serene beauty soothes the soul.

The island is a true Garden of Eden – there are no urban areas, no cars and no roads. Instead, it is a haven for exotic wildlife and has something to offer the whole year through.

In the winter, the island embodies the perfect place for leisurely walks and offers fantastic opportunities for photographers.

During springtime, the air is perfumed with the strong scent of cumin and other wild herbs. At this time, the island also becomes home to the migratory birds which flock to Malta’s warm climate.

Come summer, Comino is at its most vivid as the aquamarine waters sparkle in the sunshine. The white, pristine sand at Santa Marija Bay and the warm, calm water makes it the ideal place to enjoy a picnic and a swim in the afternoon.

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