Tuscany: san filippo


The breathtaking vistas of verdant olive groves and rolling Tuscan countryside frame the majestic architecture of this enchantingly romantic region. This compelling blend of fine art, history and landscape is the magical inspiration that fires the passion that this paradise corner of Italy is famous for.

The influence of the renaissance also informs this heavenly region and the history and culture of the past seems to seep from the very heart of the Tuscan towns. The frescos of Florence, the pomp of Pisa and the significance of Siena evoke the artistic spirit of Italy’s beloved sons. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci live on in the princely legacy of the region’s rich past.

Gourmets and wine lovers explore another rich facet of Tuscan culture as tradition and innovation celebrate the vibrant ingredients of the region. Exquisite cuisine and fine wine are standard at any social gathering and reflect the diversity of the seacoasts, mountains, plains, cities and villages that make up this fascinating region.​​​​​​​​​​​​