Tenerife: the paramount


The largest of the enchanting Canary Island archipelago, Tenerife is a spectacular mixture of natural beauty, vibrant culture and holiday hospitality. Crystal clear waters lap the stunning sandy beaches where the visitors bask in the warmth of the golden Canarian sun and the soaring Mount Teide provides the awesome setting to the pretty towns and villages that pepper its lower slopes.

Long sunny days unfold with a relaxed atmosphere. Stylish shopping in the capital, stunning sightseeing in the national park or simply soaking up the sunshine around a freshwater pool - whatever your pleasure, Tenerife’s blissful climate provides a blue sky backdrop to truly lift the spirits.

As the lazy afternoon gives way to the magnificent sunset, thoughts turn to the pleasures of island’s effervescent nightlife. Enjoy fine dining on a beachside terrace under the twinkling stars before heading to the electric atmosphere of the island’s diverse and exciting entertainment scene. Carefree fun is the order of the day on this subtropical island playground.​​​​​​​​​​​