Florida keys: angler's reef

Holiday ideas

Itinerary: Aquatic adventures in the Sunshine State.

Details: Spend a week or two at the gorgeous Caribbean-style village of Angler's Reef in Islamorada, where timeless beauty meets ocean adventure. Leave your stylish individual villa and head to the deep-water boat docks, hire a vessel and become your own captain as you take to the waves. Try your hand at fishing or don your wet suit and dive into the aquamarine waters in search of kaleidoscopic marine wildlife.

A trip to Florida is not complete without a day at the Everglades. Skim across the natural marshland at top speed as you observe the fascinating wildlife native to the swamp. After seeing ancient alligators and colossal crocodiles from a distance, interact personally and safely with the creatures during a show, have your picture taken with a huge anaconda or see the alligators ravaging a hearty meal.

As the sun begins to set, take a slow stroll to the Mallory Square Dock – where the weird and wonderful come together in a unique festival. Marvel at the wacky entertainers and performers as they show off their skills and talents in colourful streets packed with local artists displaying their work. Head to the water's edge to see one of the world's most breath-taking sunsets as the sun sinks silently behind the calm ocean.

For the ultimate ending to your vacation in Florida, visit Disneyland for memories that will last a lifetime. Spend a couple of days at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa which comprises tree house-style villas, allowing guests to sleep high up amongst the lush forest leaves. Visit the Disney water and theme parks – packed with your favourite characters, riveting rides and spectacular shows, full of unforgettable experiences.

Summary: Experience another side to Florida along with all the fun of Disneyland.​​​​​​​​​​​